River & Cloth Publication: We want your ideas!

River & Cloth is going to produce a publication to document the activities and achievements of our project.  I would like to invite those who have been particpating in River & Cloth to contribute your ideas to this forum.

Please use this as a discussion board to submit any ideas and suggestions you have for what the publication might look like and the content it could include. I have put in a few headings and some ideas of my own to get the ball rolling.  Please submit your ideas by 17 March 2010.

Purpose of Publication & Who is it For?

  • Celebratory - allowing participants to have a public record of their achievements; acknowledging the role different participants and organisations have played

  • Historical - charting Merton's iinnovative textile industry

  • Legacy document - a how to practical guide/tool kit for textile and community projects

  • Marketing tool - to attract future funders/organisations for future support

Suggestions for Content:

  • Written pieces on main characters such as William Morris and Arthur Liberty

  • Essay on cultural influences flowing in and out of Merton from the Middle East, India, China, Japan, African and the contributions made by groups of Huguenot refugees settling in Wandle Valley

  • Local History Timeline with further info and illustrations/maps

  • Testimonials/Anecdotes/Commentaries from participants including teachers, pupils, volunteers, community group leaders and members

  • Photo gallery of activities

  • Mini tool-kits - quick and easy guidelines to some of the textile techniques used

  • Artist pages - Lead artist contributions including more information about their practice and approach

  • Ideas for a title

Ideas for Design

  • Full Colour?

  • Using sustainable Materials?

  • Accessible

  • Quirky/Individual/Eye Catching

  • Incorporates the idea of rive and flow - flow of information/learning/passing on of skills and knowledge - cascading

  • Tactile textural elements?

Ideas for Format

  • Hard cover?

  • Soft cover?

  • Dimensions of publication - 20 x 20 cm is a nice size - it is square and looks good

  • Page quality/weight?

  • Number of pages?


Please use the comments function to respond to the above and submit your suggestions.

Thank you,

Clare Moloney - Project Manager, River & Cloth